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Hong Kong
Make-up & Hair showreel

hong kong make-up artist,
hong kong hairstylist

Beauty Evolution Fashione

make-up artist & Host

Shine moist tutorial

Ihost, make-up artist, hairstylist 

KOZO pearl noir TVC Fashionone

make-up artist & hair-stylist 

Impius the movie Belgium

Imake-up artist, hair-stylist, special effects

KOZO Japan Fashionone

make-up artist & hair-stylist 

The Last Act Feature Film HK

make-up artist & hair-stylist 

HK no pants are the best pants

Bodypaint jeans design & Bodypaint 

Nightmare on Beatship Halloween
make-up, FX make-up, hairstyling

The Fisherman short film
head make-up, FX make-up, hairstyling

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