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Mops makeup team

Our philosophy:
The  Make-up team provides High quality on location make-up and hair services for our guests.
Our flawless, natural make-up  will make you look and feel glamorous.
We encourage natural classic make-up, that will always be in style for years to come.

Professional make-up application and hairstyling service is very important for any special occasion where a photographer will be taking your picture. We use special tools and techniques to ensure that the camera captures perfection and not just make-up. Your make-up is just as important as your outfit, hair accessoirze etc.

Please rely on trained professionals to pamper you. And take care of all your beauty needs.


Mops facepaint team


Our philosophy:
Mopsfacepaint team  is a professional creative team, available for birthday party's, events, organisations, schools, kids party's, the team also does body paint for events, party's, shows. We also do Bellypainting for photoshoots and babyshowers.We work with Diamond FX collection from The Netherlandsprofessional water-base make-ups with superb coverage and high concentration of pigment. The colors are amazing.When applied, the face paint/makeup will last all day without cracking or fading and is so soft on the skin you won’t even know it’s there!There is no perfume in the make up non toxic. All essential and metallix products have been approved by the EU and FDA Institutions.


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